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About Us

Hi!  We’re glad you found us!  

My name is Clara Stanley  and I am the owner of “The Veggie Lady ”.  

I love gardening and have since I was a young girl when my mom and I planted my first vegetable garden together one spring.  Watching something grow  from a tiny seed was just amazing and still is.  I love working in the garden, watching things grow , I love the smell of dirt and home grown fruits and veggies just taste better!  That love of gardening my mother fostered in me also fostered a love of  all kinds of veggies and fruits.

We want you to be able to experience the great taste of fresh fruits and veggies straight out of the garden!  It is our mission to provide you with quality local-grown fruits and veggies for you to enjoy.   In our area it is not always possible to get local year round veggies and fruit, but if it is available, we will  do our best to have it!

Fresh fruits and vegetables  contain the most nutrients when they are just picked, they constantly lose nutrients until they are eaten. That is why it is so important to get you the freshest available fruits and veggies for our area.  

We send emails out bi-weekly to our customers to let them know the available fresh local fruits/veggies or any new items we have available on market day.  

If you would like to get on our e-mail list, click on the  “Contact Us” Page for the link!

Clara Stanley

The Owner & operator of the Woodlands Store

Family Owned & Operated